Alternative medicine for acne

This days, alternative medicine for acne is one of the huge topics that have considerable importance. Even though it is not on the bases of scientific method,  it has many advantages over the conventional forms of treatment, in terms of side effect and cost effectiveness.

In the first place, alternative medicine works by reinforcing our body immunity to prevent acne, and also by reducing the scarring and inflammation related to acne. Unlike conventional medicine, alternative practitioners believes that dietary factor and other forms of alternative medicine such as detoxification, hydrotherapy, homeopathy have great impact on acne flare-up.


  • It can be less expensive than conventional medical therapies.
  • Compared to prescription drugs, it has few side effects.
  • It reduce health care costs.
  • Less/no addiction compared to prescription medication.
  • Less adverse drug effect.

Side effects

  • It may interact with other conventional drugs and may cause series adverse reaction.

Always talk to health care professionals before using any

alternative medicine.

Types of alternative medicine for acne


This treatment focuses on patients as a person and his pathological situations. The homeopathic therapy is chosen following a full individualizing case analysis and test such as mental and physical constitution and medical history of a person. None of the homeopathic medicines should be taken without professional advice.

Herbal medicine

The main aim of herbal remedies for acne is to treat the cause and symptom of fundamental health problems using herbal preparations. Herbal medicine practitioners believes that poor digestion, sluggish liver and bowel function, hormonal imbalances and nutritional deficiencies contribute to acne.


Naturopathic medicine is a system that combine natural forms of medicine with scientific knowledge. The principle behind naturopathic treatment is to initiate the healing power of the body and solve the fundamental source of disease. They consider disease as a process rather than an entity. Some of the approaches includes healthy diet, regular exercise, reduce stress, detoxification etc.


Chiropractic therapy, which emphasizes on spinal and nervous system adjustments, believed to reduce irritation of nerves that results acne and other skin conditions.  However, this therapy alone are not a perfect treatment for acne.  Since  nutritional factors have impact on acne formation,  a chiropractic specializes in nutrition can increase the chance of acne improvement.


These days, acupuncture is one of an effective, side effect-free therapy for acne. Acupuncture is the introduction of thin sterile needles into the skin. It is a form of medicine that has been successful for a long period of time in treating acne and other forms of skin diseases. Combining this therapy with other herbs and dietary change found to be one of the best approach in treating and controlling acne.

Traditional Chinese medicine

According to the traditional Chinese medicine, acne is assumed a disease mainly linked to the pathogenic power of heat and damp, the Zang Fu and the meridians organs. The excessive heat in those organs might be a product of overwork, stress, poor diet, or congenital condition that is typical in puberty. These heat may change into toxic substances and cause lesions. Treating acne using this approach includes the removal of pathogenic heat from the organ.

Ayurvedic medicine

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the alternative medicine for acne. It is among the oldest medical approaches originated in India. The principle behind ayurveda is the use of special diets, herbs, and  other traditional medical practices for the control of acne.  Ayurveda approach agrees that what we eat and how we live matters a lot in every circumstance including acne flare-ups. However, conventional medicine pronounce acne has no relation with lifestyle,  diet, and psychological conditions.

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