Body Acne

When acne affects other parts of the body other than face is referred to as body acne. Pimples and blackheads don't only show up on the face. For some, acne outbreaks can possibly be more prevalent, affecting wider areas of the body. In addition to the face, acne frequently appears on the chest, neck, back, chest and shoulders. Lots of people suffer from acne in body regions besides the face.

Body acne resembles facial acne in both its manifestations and its treatments, and individuals who have facial acne are most likely to build body acne. Generally, acne develops when pores or hair follicles become obstructed with dead skin and oil.

  • It is most often seen on the back, chest, and neck, however blemishes may show up any place apart from the palms of your hands and soles of your feet.
  • Body-acne can possibly be more challenging to manage than facial acne since the skin on your body is thicker and has much larger pores than facial skin, making it much simpler for pores to become blocked. In addition, such areas are usually dressed, meanings your skin has continuous contact with the oil it makes.

Who Gets Body Acne?

body acne
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Body and back acne impacts males and females, teens and adults. But, body-acne is most common, and usually more serious, in males.

Frequently, acne starts on the face. As it progresses in range and intensity, it starts to impact other regions of the body too. Not everybody with acne will deal with outbreaks on the body, however, those with body acne almost often have acne on the face, too.

What Triggers Body and Back Acne?

Body-acne is triggered by same factors that cause facial acne:

  • Over active oil glands
  • Excessive dead skin cells
  • An expansion of acne-causing bacteria

Skin cells and oil get stucked inside the pore, and form a clog. Such blockage ends up being a blackhead and may develop to a pimple, if bacteria get into.

Avoid Friction

It's not likely that some pieces of clothes or gear result in body-acne. But, the friction caused by some clothing may worsen alreadying existing cases of body-acne. Friction or tension on the skin can inflame already irritated follicles and aggravate outbreaks. It's ideal to prevent causes of friction when you're aiming to cure body-acne.

Sources of friction include:

  • Backpacks
  • Tight-fitting clothing,
  • Athletic pads or gear,
  • Too-snug collars,
  • Purse straps

Avoid irritation

To reduce irritation:

  • Dress in breathable cotton clothing if possible. When you get sweaty, change your clothing.
  • Try to take shower after workout and treat your skin using available treatment
  • Most often try to become familiar with exactly what irritating your skin in areas where you break out frequently and make changes when you can.

Effects of Body-Acne

Several patients take terrific pains to cover acne affected areas. Clothing is selected so as to expose just as little outbreaks as possible. Females may take significant care to ascertain their t shirts aren't cut so low as to expose acne on the chest. Men with back acne will commonly refrain from removing their shirts completely.

How to treat body-acne

Mild body-acne usually clears using great daily skin hygiene and OTC treatments. Try to use a salicylic acid wash each day.

For severe acne, Accutane (isotretinoin) is the main treatment option. Isotretinoin is an oral therapy that is taken for 15-20 weeks. This treatment creates long-lasting reduction of acne signs and symptoms in around two-third of individuals, however, brings a large array of adverse effects such as leading to serious birth defects, therefore, it must be prescribed by your health care providers.

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