Stress and acne

Is there a link between stress and acne breakout?

Is it just your imagination, or does your acne truly worsen whenever you're under stress? Exactly what's really happening with your skin when you're stressing out?

Immune System and stress

When you are in stress, your body produces stress hormones, consisting of cortisol. Cortisol and the other stress hormones move in your blood stream signaling your blood vessels to expand and your blood pressure to increase. Such modifications condition you to come across the stress and they are referred to as the "fight or flight" reaction.

Unfortunately, our modern day stresses are normally long-lasting and cannot easily be managed by means of fighting or fleeing. Chronic stress indicates that your stress hormones will be almost constantly released. One of the result of continuous stress hormones is that your body immune system never stops. It acts as if you are under regular attack from external intruders such as bacteria or viruses. This particular immune system "overdrive" is inflammation and is a common effects of severe stress.

  • Your body immune system enables your body fight unwanted intruders, however, excessive reaction such as inflammation, does not help your body manage stress.

High Stress is equal to Excess Inflammation

Although excess skin oil also plays a role, inflammation is the main physical cause of acne. Stress impacts your health by causing inflammation throughout your body. Inflammation has a number of impacts in our body system:

  • It causes hardening of the arteries and cardiovascular disease.
  • It causes asthma and other respiratory problems.
  • It causes stress acne and some other stress-induced skin problems such as psoriasis and hives.

The best ways to Overcome Stress and Acne

Like any acne,the most effective method to eliminate your stress acne is to avoid it primarily. Once acne appears, it's much more difficult to remove individual acnes and cysts. The prescription for avoiding stress acne is rooted in preventing stress totally, however, occasionally acne appears despite good intentions. Manage breakouts with a mix of skin-care products and prescribed medications.

The Three simple and basic steps to avoid stress acne

Step 1

  • Have enough sleep every day. Deprivation of sleep increases the stress hormone cortisol, that gradually triggers acne. Get enough sleep to maintain your body's stress levels down, and your skin will reflect and enjoy it.

Step 2

  • Get rid of sugar from your diet. Sugars trigger an inflammatory cycle in the body that can cause acne breakouts. Decreasing sugars minimizes your body's metabolic stress and can help maintain your skin more clear.

Step 3

  • Eliminate irritating your skin. If most treatment fails and you end up with stress acne, do not pick your pimples. Do not over scrub or strongly exfoliate. Most of such practices will make a bad condition worse by multiplying skin inflammation and irritation.

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