Acne Products

Acne is a typical skin disease and currently there are lots of acne products in the market to treat it. However, certain treatments must be used with caution.

Acne prevails in young people and teenagers and may result in psychological and self-esteem challenges. In severe acne cases, medical therapy might be required. Certainly there are several over the counter treatments that can help manage acne

Acne is induced by irritation of the oily glands in the skin, contain sebum. When the duct of the gland gets obstructed possibly by layers of skin, fatty secretions or dirt, pimple are formed. Then the gland can be infected with acne bacteria.

Acne Treatment

Exactly as acne can vary from mild to severe, acne therapies similarly vary, according to how critical the situation is. The principle behind therapy is to eliminate what is clogging the duct of the oil gland and, when needed, get rid of the acne bacteria. This is performed either by applying a product to the skin or by taking drug internally. A treatment method applied to the skin is referred to as a topical treatment; medication taken internally is known as systemic treatment.

Topical Medications

The easiest therapy for acne is the everyday use of common soap and water. Several topical treatments are available over-the-counter without a prescription. Such topical medication consist of:

  • benzoyl peroxide,
  • salicylic acid creams and washes; as well as
  • medicated soaps

Topical prescription treatments might consist of antibiotic active ingredients like erythromycin that assist regulate inflammation related to acne. Topical prescription treatments might also consist of components originated from vitamin A. Such products are developed to cleanse the area, decrease the oiliness, peel off the skin and remove the acne bacteria existent.

Systemic Drugs .....Oral acne products

Systemic drugs are accessible only with a doctor's prescription. Some of the systemic drugs includes:

  • Vitamin A products called retinoids;
  • Antibiotics (such as tetracycline and erythromycin) that invade the acne bacteria;
  • Hormonal agents, consisting of some contraceptive pills for example, Alesse and Tri-Cyclen.  


Neutrogena gives products which contain salicylic acid, that helps to exfoliate the surface of the skin and minimize acne-causing bacteria in pores.

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The Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Therapy gains superior functions as an over the counter acne treatment. The best acne product consist of a minimum of 2 per-cent salicylic acid, and several Neutrogena treatments consist of at minimum that much.

The Neutrogena brand supplies cleansers that manage mild acne and blackheads. The followings are the 4 groups in which Neutrogena acne products categorized.

Clean and Clear

Clean and Clear supplies a wide range of acne products for those dealing with mild to severe acne. The Clean and Clear product supplies a number of cleansers which contain 2 % salicylic acid for mild acne and also few which contain about 10 % benzoyl peroxide for severe cases. Depending on User Search, Clean and Clear Persa-Gel 10 is among the most effective acne therapies from the Clean and Clear brand due to the fact that it successfully manages persistent forms of acne.

clean and clear
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The Clean and Clear brand could be obtained over-the-counter and provides cleaners, acne solutions and creams that combine to manage acne. Below are lists of acne products from Clean and clear:

The Most Powerful Acne Products

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