What Causes Baby Acne?

What Causes Baby Acne
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What Causes Baby Acne?

Baby acne is more commonly referred to as "neonatal acne" and involves the outbreak on the cheeks. It is generally a skin reaction triggered by a relative imbalance of male and female hormones in the baby. Hormones are transported into the body of the child via the placenta immediately before birth.

Baby acne forms during the weeks following birth, probably as a result of hormones that passed from mother to baby during the final phase of pregnancy.

Baby acne can possibly be worsened by milk, formula, or spit-up coming in contact with the skin. Some others irritants such as rough fabrics or cloths washed in strong laundry detergent. In case your baby has acne, do not use cream, lotion or soaps on the face, since they can trigger acne, too.

Some drugs, viral diseases and allergies are able to cause an acne-like rash.

Acne on your baby's system may vanish after 4 to 6 months, however, even when it disappears absolutely, you must be careful not to nourish the child with soy milk, that could be dangerous. This kind of food can result in a further breakout of acne or in some cases cause harmful for the health and wellness of your kid, later during adolescence. Baby acne develops more often on the face, and not on hands or body.

Types of Baby Acne

There are two kinds of acne that can develop in the face and body of a child. You have to understand all baby acne causes.

Neonatal acne

Neonatal acne may be present at birth, or develop over the first 2-4 weeks of life. It develops with a very small bumps on the face of babies. Such common pimples arise more due to hormonal excitement, and dropping down after a short period of time.

Infantile acne

This typically develops close to the Third or Fourth month of the child and resembles a typical adult acne, blackheads, pustules and pimples. This type can last for approximately 2 to 3 years.

Both kinds of baby acne are not harmful; however, in many cases, they can leave scar on the child's face. Therefore you need to manage them timely and minimize baby acne causes to avoid scars.

What Causes baby acne? - Possible causes

The followings are the possible lists of  what causes baby acne:

Maternal hormones

Inside the womb, babies are subjected to the mother's hormones that pass via the placenta. Such hormones influence the baby's sweat glands triggering acne, that is in some cases present when babies are born.

Mother's hormonal exposure during breastfeeding

During breastfeeding, infants are subjected to mother's hormones, thus triggering breakout of pimples on newborn.

Maternal diet while pregnant and breastfeeding

A high fat diet is considered in the pediatric literature a risk factor for neonatal acne.

Abrasive cleansers and wash cloths

Abrasive cleansers and wash cloths can trigger neonatal acne. Newborn baby skin is remarkably sensitive and quickly affected by chemical substance.

Strong laundry detergents

Washing babies' clothes using strong laundry detergents. Chemicals and perfumes can influence baby's skin and hence causing acne outbreak.


Maternal drugs taken while breastfeeding can easily damage baby acne.

Viral disease

Viral disease in babies can also cause neonatal acne.


There is normally no need to treat baby acne. Sometimes, baby acne does not improve and your doctor will recommend topical acne medicines, yet this is unusual. Just keep in mind that baby acne will certainly resolve, so do not stress too much. Simply enjoy this specific fantastic time with your newborn baby without worrying what causes baby acne.

Treating Baby Acne

Unless baby's acne is being triggered by a hidden problem, there is actually no need to treat it. It does not injure your baby and is totally a cosmetic argument. Carefully rinse your baby's face with plain water one or two times every day, and do not scrub. Cleaning that is too frequent or too intense will irritate your baby's skin.

In extremely rare situations, severe baby acne is treated using topical acne medicines. However, this must only be done if there is a convincing explanation to do so, and only under your child's doctor advice, since acne medicines are tough on babies' delicate skin.

Nearly all cases of baby acne resolve without treatment in just a few weeks time.

Tips to Reduce Baby Acne Causes

Balanced diet

Nourish your baby vitamins and nutritional supplement, as recommended by skin specialists. So long as a child is breastfed by mother, make sure not to give any fried or fatty foods.

Cleaning baby faces

Another method to avoid baby's acne is washing the baby's face carefully with water. You can also use mild soap when showering the baby. Try not to use baby oils, since some baby oils are sensitive to babies.

Avoid heavy use of moisturizing cream in Winter

Try to pay special focus on the baby acne in the winter. Avoid using moisturizing lotions and creams heavily on the face and body of the baby.

Keep your child in a warm places

Try to keep your child in a warm temperature, so that cold air does not induce rash to damage baby skin.


Clean child's face with warm water regularly and also give them plenty of drinking water or milk, so that the impurities and toxins in the system get out absolutely.

what  causes baby acne?

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