10 shocking Causes Of Adult Acne

Certainly there are many factors that are responsible for the causes of adult acne. Stress or changes in your hormone levels, such as menopause or shifting or stopping contraceptive pill, are two possibilities.

Acne generally shows up on your face, neck, chest, back and shoulders. These regions of skin have the most oil glands. Acne develops when hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells.

In this article I will explain the 10 most shocking causes of adult acne and the possible solution to prevent it.

1. Traveling

Ever in your life think about why you get back from a trip and your skin looks the surface of the moon? The change of environment, humidity, weather condition and even water (minerals, fluoride or other elements) can cause acne.

Solution: You cannot alter the weather condition or humidity where you visit, therefore wash your face with bottled water when you can, and avoid using hotel soaps.

2. Diet

As teenagers, we accepted that greasy foods and chocolate cake triggered our pimples. And this might be right for you at this age too. The most recent scientific work suggests that high-carbohydrate diets might lead you to acne.

Solution: Cut down on snacks, such as chips and ice cream, and shift to whole grains, veggies, fruits and high-protein foods. Develop steady nutritional adjustments, so your skin has time to adjust.

3. Make-up remover

Pore-clogging beauty product can mix with your natural skin oil to result in acne breakouts called acne cosmetica.

The issue isn't really the product. But it's how you remove makeup. Either females clean their skin in a quick manner or considering that they're using mineral makeup, they think they do not need to rinse their face completely.

After a very long day, makeup, oil and dirt develop a three-way risk that easily blocks pores, traps acne-causing bacteria and lead to breakouts.

Solution: Try to find noncomedogenic products and rinse your face completely and carefully each night. This will help you to avoid some of the causes of adult acne.

4. Stress

Are you thinking about that due date for a huge project? Relationship problems keeping you up during the night? Although stress by itself can not trigger breakouts, it can aggravate them.

Stress can aggravate acne by causing a release of inflammatory chemical substance called neuropeptides and hormonal changes.

Solution: Use acne products with substances like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to improve stress-induced breakouts. To avoid future flareups, find a way to relax your nerves, whether it's yoga, deep-breathing or enjoying a chick flick.

5. Hair-styling products

Acne breakouts triggered by hair-care products are so typical, and acne caused as a results of hair care products are called pomade acne.

Styling products leak oil onto the forehead, that can trap acne-causing bacteria in your pores. Clogged pores become irritated and lead to inflammation, pus and, eventually, blackheads and whiteheads along the hairline and forehead.

Solution: Use products with your hands and make sure to keep them far from the hairline. Later, give your skin a quick swipe with facial cleanser to get rid of any remaining styling material.

6. Facial hair removal

Waxing, tweezing, shaving and depilatories can make skin tissue swell, sending acne-causing microorganisms and skin cells much deeper into pores. Topical products put on skin right before or after hair removal also can be the causes of adult acne.

Solution: You can soothe the rash by using 1 % hydrocortisone cream before and after hair removal.

7. Cell phones - The most common causes of adult acne

Everything on-the-go chatting is fantastic, staying you in contact with friends, family and the office. However, for your skin it is not that much great.

Throughout the whole day, cellular phone could be exposed to lots of areas that have bacteria on them. When you're chatting on it, you're adding bacteria near your mouth, and the heat and moisture create a good environment for bacteria to grow and trigger acne.

And also, if you're regularly on your mobile phone, rubbing it against your face can result in "acne mechanica," that is causes of adult acne by friction.

Solution: In addition to giving your phone a rest from time to time, clean it with an alcohol wipe or hand sanitizer every day.

8. Skin-care products

The average female gives a try to 5-10 new skin care products a year. That's excellent for the cosmetic industry however, harmful for your skin.

Changing products or bring in a new one just before giving it an opportunity to work challenges your skin with new chemicals and active elements, that could be irritating and trigger breakouts. Even anti-acne products can cause pimples if you switch from one acne cream to another.

Solution: Regardless of whether your intention is dealing with wrinkles or terminating acne, choose one or two products and give them approximately 4-6 weeks to work.

9. Dry Skin

It holds true that oily skin is the reason for bad breakouts, however, so is the other extreme. Dry skin can have microscopic cracks and holes through which bacteria can grow and trigger acne. In addition, dry skin drops can block pores.

Solution: Carefully scrub skin a few times a week and moisturize with a noncomedogenic moisturizer that will not block your pores designed for dry skin.

10. Sunscreen

Sunscreens have two kinds of active ingredients: chemical agents, that safeguard against harmful ultraviolet rays by being absorbed into the skin, and physical agents, that remain on the surface to produce a sun guard. This physical agent is bad for your pigmentation.

Physical sunscreens, that include zinc oxide or titanium oxide, may trigger more sweating underneath them and therefore, cause more acne.

Solution: Read the active ingredients list and avoid sunscreens with pore-clogging physical agents. Apply products with chemical ingredients like octocylene, avobenzone, oxybenzone, methoxycinnamate.

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