Severe Acne

Most dermatologist classify acne as mild, moderate, or severe. Severe acne is the most serious forms of acne vulgaris that leads to scarring of skin in the forms of pits and pockmarks. It includes some comedones and one or two papules and/or pustules. Even when the acne gets healed, there is a change in color on the site of acne ranges from brown to red marks.

 The four forms of severe acne:

Like moderate acne, severe forms of acne can happen at any age, and in both men and women. The breakouts can commonly be found on the face, back, shoulders and chest. 

It affects many facets of a person’s life, causing a great deal of embarrassment and stress. Acne vulgaris can significantly limit one’s social life and self esteem. Sometimes it can affect the employment chances of a person.

Severe cases of acne has the following features:

  • Deep cyst
  • Scarring
  • Deep damage to the skin and lots of inflammation.

Find out if you have severe acne

Read the following descriptions to see if any of these statements describe your skin:

  •  My blemishes are widespread, and cover a considerable part of my face and/or body.
  • I have a lot of redness and inflammation on my skin.
  • Many of my blemishes are deep, inflamed, and painful.
  • I have scarring.
  • Over-the-counter treatments have done nothing to improve my skin.

If any of these describe your skin, you probably have a severe case of acne. If these don’t relates with you, you may have a mild case, or possibly  moderate acne.

Although there are a number of treatment options that can bring your severe forms of acne breakout under control,   it is hard to treat with over-the-counter drugs. So it is important to see a dermatologist as soon as possible.


In most cases, the acne breakout is stops within the period of medication. But once you stop medication, it relapses. Therefore, be prepared to follow treatment regimen and procedures your dermatologist sets for you  while you are on any of the treatment options.


  • Acne is related with higher rates of anxiety and depression. If you are experiencing any symptoms, talk to your doctor and get treatment.
  • If you have signs of acne, set up time with your doctor or dermatologist. The sooner you start treatment, the sooner you will start to see results.
  • If you're experiencing side effects from prescribed medications, speak up to your skin care experts
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