Moderate acne

Most dermatologist classify acne as mild, moderate, or severe. Moderate acne is more serious forms of acne unlike mild acne. It is marked by large swollen pimples and painful lesions. It can commonly be found on the face, back and chest. It is commonly defined by many comedones and/or many papules/pustules.

  • When you have moderate forms of acne, you'll have noticeable breakouts, you may have quite a few papules and pustules, and maybe even a few nodules. Some people with moderate cases of acne has blackheads others might not. Other peoples may also have inflamed blemishes.
  • Like mild acne, moderate forms can occur at any age. Youth with moderate forms of acne are more likely to have both inflammatory and blackheads breakouts. On the other hand, adult women often don't have blackheads at all, but only get inflamed breakouts. These tend to pop up on the lower cheeks and chin, particularly right before their periods.

Moderate-acne has the following features:

  •  A few non inflammatory papules
  •  A few non inflammatory comedones.
  • Sometimes a few scattered inflamed pustules are seen.

Find out if you have moderate acne:

Read the following descriptions to see if any of these statements describe your skin:

  • I have a lot of small white or dark bumps on my skin.
  • Most of my blemishes are red in color and some are filled with a white pus.
  • I'm noticing dark spots and/or scars on my skin.
  • I have tried over-the-counter products, but none of them were very effective.

If any of these describe your skin, you probably have a moderate case of acne. If these don’t relates with you, you may have a more mild case, or possibly more severe. If you are unsure, you may consult your dermatologist.  

Recognizing the difference between mild and moderate acne

Recognizing the differences between moderate and mild acne is important and essential to choosing the right treatment methods. If you have moderate forms of acne, do not be panic, there are effective prescription and over-the-counter treatment options available. Since moderate forms of acne tend to be inflammatory, there's a higher risk of scarring. You have to start treatment right away to reduce your likelihood of developing scars.

  • It can take several weeks to see improvement in your skin, so don't give up too soon. Follow the treatment plan that your dermatologist gives you, and be as consistent with those treatments as possible.
  • Even though moderate forms of acne is almost always require a prescription medication from a dermatologist, you may try an over-the-counter (OTC) products while waiting for your appointment.
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