Ayurvedic medicine for acne

Ayurvedic medicine for acne is a traditional medical practices originated in India. Based on Ayurveda, there are three body type or mind what they called it doshas. Those three types are Kapha, Vata and Pitta. They assume that the body or mind imbalances cause disease. Since acne is as a results of all the three body imbalances, it should be approached through integrated modalities.

  • The three body or mind types have great impact in the formation of acne. For instance, when Kapha is excess, the skin pores start to clog and unable to control the production of sebum. On the other hand, when vata is not uniform in the body system, it results poor digestion and high toxic accumulation. Similarly, the blood and liver is affected when Pitta is not balanced in our body system and it leads to inflammation.
  • The combination of excess oil production, inflammation, poor digestion and buildup of toxins creates a conducive environment for bacterial growth that causes acne. That is why the ayurvedic medicine for acne try to fully cure by destroying the underlying causes unlike the conventional methods that treat acne topically or orally.

The five steps in ayurvedic medicine for acne control

1. Diet change

What you look is the expression of what you eat. Your skin health is a direct results of your diet. Remember, acne do not disappeared over night, it needs a long term commitment especially when you chose alternative medicine. According to Ayurvedic medicine, one of the factor that causes acne is poor digestion, so improving your digestion by eating appropriate diet will help to clear up your acne. The following diet lists are found to improve digestion:

  • Minimise consumption of alcohol, coffee, cold drink and frozen desserts
  • Reduce crunchy and dry food
  • Reduce tomatoes, cheese, garlic, spicy and vinegar
  • Consume soft, cooked and warm foods
  •  Drink warm fluids 

2. improve your digestion

In addition to the food that was listed above, ayurvedic medicine have also remedies that you can use to improve your digestion and remove toxins. There is a special tea that anyone can prepare at home by mixing three types of seeds. if you drink this tea for 3 to 6 months, you will have many other health benefits in addition to having healthy skin. Those three seed types are:

  • Coriander seeds
  • Cumin seeds
  • Fennel seeds

Coriander seeds

Fennel seeds

Cumin seeds

You can prepare the tea by adding half teaspoon of each whole seeds (half teaspoon whole coriander seed, half teaspoon whole cumin seeds and half teaspoon of whole fennel seed) to five cups of boiled water.

Let steep the water in the pot for ten minutes while the lid is on. Then stain out the seeds and pour the tea in thermos and take a sip throughout the day. If you fell discomfort, try to reduce the amount of seeds by half and use it for fifteen days and increase back to half teaspoon of each.

3. keep clean your pore

The following points will help you to keep your pores clean:

  • In order to keep your pore open, use clay mask regularly until your acne begins to improve. Then reduce the frequency once or twice a week.
  • Clean your face two times a day
  • Avoid makeup especially the oily one

4. detox your blood and liver

The main causes of acne is the accumulation of toxins in the blood and liver. According to ayurvedic medicine for acne clearing those toxins will help the body to function properly. Some of the methods they used in order to detoxify blood and liver includes:

  • Aerobic exercise - it improves blood circulation and naturally removes toxins from the body. So, do regular aerobic exercise at least three-times a week
  • Turmeric - is a spice used for cooking. Since it has anti septic nature, add to your diet regularly.
  • Guggul - is commonly used ayurvedic herbs used to improve digestion and remove toxins.
  • Aloe vera - drinking aloe vera juice twice a day, one early in the morning and another before sleep for 2-3 months, helps to control cystic acne by removing toxins from the body. 

5. Control your stress

When you are in stress, your normal way of eating changes, you stop exercising, and you stop taking care of yourself. All this sudden changes will increase your body toxin and in general affect your health. You can control your stress by doing yoga, breathing exercise, meditation and similar activities.

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