Get the most out of acupuncture for acne

Acupuncture for acne

Acupuncture is the practice of placing very thin needles into the skin.  Like other alternative medicine, acupuncture was not viewed as a science to treat illness. However, when it is supplemented with other methods such as herbal remedies, it helps to control acne. This method is usually implemented when normal acne treatment methods are not effective.

When you first visit acupuncturist, the diagnosis starts by asking a serious of question related to diet, lifestyle, phobias, sleep patterns and stress. Following this, they analyse your general state of health by close inspection of some organs.

The needles inserted on what they called meridians of the body that links the internal organs. This needles balances the flow of energy through these meridians.  

Does acupuncture for acne really works?

So as to treat acne using acupuncture, that person has to change first their diet and lifestyle. Then they have to follow a weekly acupuncture appointments and start some herbal medicine to control further flare-up of acne. The basics of using acupuncture is to correct irregularity within the body and  the herbs is to reinforce normal function of the body.

  • Like any other treatment methods, acupuncture is not fully perfect to treat acne. Some patients have seen significant change using acupuncture and their acne go away forever, and others have seen some improvements after this treatments. In general, conventional medicines works to treat acne on the surface, however; acupuncture remove the root cause of acne.
  • The effectiveness of acupuncture depends on your body response to the treatment. It may work for some and might not work for others. Frequency of visiting your acupuncturist is based on severity of acne. If the acne is severe, you have to visit at least more than once a week until the breakout is reduced.  When severity decreased, visiting your acupuncturist once in a month is enough to maintain your clear skin.

Herbal remedies for acne

In order to maximise the benefits obtained from acupuncture, it should be supplemented with other herbal remedies. The followings are some of the herbal remedies used in combination with acupuncture treatment.

Red peony

It is used to help to reduce acne break out by preventing the spread of acne bacteria and minimising inflammation. 

Angelica root

It is used to suppress some chemicals such as neutrophil that results the spread of acne bacteria in the skin. 

Skullcap root

It is a plant used to protect the redness associated with acne by blocking some of the chemical production that causes inflammation and swelling. 

Licorice Root

It provides anti inflammatory function that minimise toxins produced by bacteria that causes acne.

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