Herbal Remedies for acne

Herbal remedies for acne means the use of herb for the treatments of acne. According to herbal medicine practitioners, herbal remedies is used to treat the causes of acne. They believe that internal problem such as poor digestion, poor bowl movement, imbalances of hormone, nutritional deficiencies contribute to the development of acne.

Since the exact cause of acne is unknown, the use of herbal medicine is also depends on the underlying causes that leads to acne. 

The Five best herbal remedies for Acne

Oregon Grape 

This herb  is an evergreen fruit producing plants that grows in North-West parts of North America.  Oregon grape  has been utilized for centuries for the treatments of acne and other internal illnesses. You can use Oregon grape topically as well as orally. When used topically, it reduces oil production, inflammation and infection caused by acne bacteria. When used topically, the anti bacterial agents in Oregon grape is believed to destroy the bacteria that causes acne.

This herb has also important medicinal value when it is taken orally. Since homeopathy believed that the internal imbalances in hormone and other disturbances result acne, so, correcting those issues internally can minimize the formation of acne.  When Oregon grape used internally, they improve most imbalances that cause acne by improving digestion, bile imbalances etc. 


It is a small herbs that grows in the north eastern parts of United State. Its root is used as herbal medicine to treat a variety of illnesses including acne. It can be used orally and/or topically. When used topically, it has efficient antibacterial effects that can destroy bacteria that causes acne. When used internally, golden seal has the ability to increase bile production by detoxifying the toxic substances in the liver. The cumulative effects of the use of this internal and external herb control the formation of acne.

Yellow Dock 

Yellow dock is another kinds of herbs that is native to Africa and some parts of Europe. Unlike other herbs, it is considered as a weed in agricultural practices, however; it has great medicinal values in treating many disorders. The leaves, roots and seeds are used by herbalists. Like most herbal medicines it reduces acne formation by removing unnecessary wastes and hormonal imbalances.


It is a yellow flower herbs that is found in many parts of the world. Its use in herbal medicine is significant. In most cases it traditional herbalists used this herb in combination with other herbs for the treatments of acne. It improves most of bodies internal functions either by removing toxins or metabolic by-products.


It is a kind of herb that grows mostly in Europe and Asia. This herb cleanse the internal system by improving digestion, improving the outputs of bile in to the small intestine. It removes metabolic by-products that results the formation of acne.

In some parts of the world they used the seed as a herbal medicine. In another parts of the world such as Chinese and European uses the dried roots of this plant for herbal medicine.

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