Homeopathy for acne

What is Homeopathy for acne?

Homeopathy is one of the oldest alternative medicine used to treat acne. The general concept behind this treatment is on the bases of "like cures like." To clarify this concept, when a disease cause symptom after infection, it can also initiate a self healing of similar symptoms in a sick individual.

Medicines used for homeopathic are chosen after a full case analysis such as patients medical history, mental and physical conditions. None of the homeopathic medicines should be taken in the absence of expert advice.

Basic principle in Homeopathy for acne approach

According to homeopathic approach, when an individual develops acne, instead of providing the patient  drugs that control  skin symptoms, they provide them a substances that are able to cause acne on healthy skins.

In homeopathy for acne approach, the symptoms occurred after infection such as fever, pain or even emergence of new acne are assumed as a curative course by which the individual's effort to heal themselves. The homeopath take the cue from this curative course of the person and stimulate the body to finalise the process of cure that has already in progress.

Talk to an experienced homoeopath before using any

homeopathic medicines

Based on the point of views of homeopath, acne is an expression of a deeper long time issues. As a result, they will not prescribe any medication that suppress the symptom on the surface of skin. Rather they will try to take more information about your medical histories based on the predefined questionnaires related to your illness such as food eating habit, sleep pattern, body temperature, social interaction etc.

The main reason of getting all this information is to evoke some character that defines you as a unique individual and prescribe a treatment that fits your uniqueness.

Does homeopathic gives permanent relief from acne?

Most homeopath agreed  that their treatment option is different from the conventional one. They believed that  all forms of acne is due to internal problem, as a result, internal homeopathic medication can give you a permanent results compared to external medication.

Since acne results from the action of androgen hormones that causes sebaceous gland to enlarge and produce more oil, it should be treated internally to get a permanent solution.

The  four best homeopathic remedies for acne


It is a kind of medicine commonly prescribed for the treatments of acne in females. It is a good treatment option especially for acne related with menstrual abnormalities. Pulsatilla is also ordered for acne patients with sensitive and weeping personality.


Sulfur is one of the most effective medicine ordered by homeopaths  for the treatment of almost all kinds of acne.  It can also help to clean unhealthy skin as a result of cosmetic use or other factors.


This medicine is used for the treatment of severe acne when the acne is inflamed and red but has not yet started pus. This acute stage of acne can be removed by taking belladonna orally 3-4 times a day.

Hepar sulph:

It is another forms of medicine prescribed by homeopaths in order to treat acne that has a tendency to develop pus. It is also used for the treatment of nodular acne.

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