Naturopathic acne treatment

By definition, naturopathic acne treatment is the natural way of controlling acne. Most dermatologists recommends topical or oral medication as their first choice of acne treatment. When you are using those over-the-counter and prescription medication, mostly they attack acne causing bacteria from the top layers of skins.

Unlike conventional acne treatment methods, naturopathic treatment targeted to the root causes of acne. They believe that treating the causes through life style and diet can prevent further breakouts and flare-up of acne.

How does naturopathic acne treatment works?

Treatments of acne using naturopathic methods fall into numerous group:

  • Herbs and foods that nourish skin
  • Get rid of toxins from the blood
  • Avoid the use of some products that leads to acne.
  • Exercise

Diet change

Diet change is one of the recommended option for treatment of acne naturally. Fats, sugar and glutens are some of the diets that initiate acne. Managing such food reduce inflammation and other symptoms of skin. This method is helpful for someone suffered from allergies since acne is a results of consuming such foods.

Naturopaths treat their patients by telling them to avoid gluten from their diet, reducing or avoiding sugar and fats from their diet to see if those foods cause acne or not. But this technique is not proven to avoid acne in all individuals.


Exercise is another method used by naturopaths to treat acne.  The principle of exercise is to increase perspiration and blood flow that can help out the toxins related with acne through sweat.


They also used meditation to minimise stress related acne. They believe that stress can increase hormones related to acne formation. So, meditation avoid stress related acne breakout by controlling this hormone.

Naturopaths believe that herbs and diet can cleanse the blood to reduce the emergence of acne. They also used some herbs directly on the skin in order to destroy bacteria.

Diets contributes to acne


  • The hormones in milk believed to cause acne. Therefore, patients with acne advised to reduce or avoid milk consumption.


  • acne sufferers are also asked to reduce sugar consumption since skins are sensitive to increased level of sugar.

Other supplements:

  • consuming healthy and proper food filled with vitamins and minerals often reduce acne breakout. 

Herbs used for acne treatment

Green Amaranth

  • Used to cleanse acne topically

Milk Thistle

Tea tree oil

  • destroy bacteria and cleanse skin. Used topically 

Burdock Root 

  •  destroy bacteria and cleanse blood. Used orally and topical.

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