Back acne treatment

Is there a better way of back acne treatment?

There is no technical explanation for what leads to back acne. Based on many skin care resources, back acne often develop during adolescence when the sebaceous glands, which produce oil, start produce sebum. When excessive oil is produced, hair follicles and pores can get clogged, attracting bacteria. This particular process can result in acne.

Effective ways of Back Acne Treatment?

For milder types of back or body acne, a topical 10 % benzoyl peroxide gel or cream may be enough. Just smear the cream on the acne during the night and allow to dry before you wear clothes. Severe acne, including cysts, must be managed by a dermatologist.

Some common body washes manufactured for body acne include:

  • Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash (salicylic acid).
  • AcneFree Acne Body Wash (benzoyl peroxide).
  • OXY Body Wash (benzoyl peroxide).
  • Phisoderm Anti-blemish Body Wash (salicylic acid).
  • Murad Acne Body Wash (salicylic acid).

The three basic steps to treat mild back acne

Step 1

  • Clean the back using an anti-bacterial cleanser designed for the face, such as Cetaphil. Avoid using regular soap. Allow skin dry.

Step 2

  • Follow with a 10 % benzoyl peroxide cream or gel. Such creams are available via prescription or OTC. Allow the skin to dry.

Step 3

  • (optional) Many professionals recommend using the benzoyl peroxide in conjunction with a product consisting of a alpha hydroxy acid such as Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion.

If you aren't getting excellent outcomes from your Over The Counter products after a few weeks, this's the time to see your physician. Don't ever wait as mild breakouts can rapidly advance into something much more severe.

To get moderate to severe back acne under control, you'll most likely need an oral drug in addition to topical treatments. Oral antibiotics often recommended to assist with back acne breakouts include:

If acne does not respond to first-line treatments, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole or amoxicillin can be prescribed. For some individuals, Accutane (isotretinoin) can also be an alternative.

How to Prevent Back Acne

  • Exfoliation is a good method to remove dead skin cells that have the tendency to develop on the back, back of the arms and buttocks. Use a sugar scrub in the shower on a weekly manner.
  • Body acne can easily be inflamed by sweat, so make certain you shower immediately following an exercise. Anything that traps heat against the skin, or creates friction, are able to also aggravate breakouts. This consists of purse and bra straps, sports equipment, backpacks and tight clothing. Try to reduce using of such materials as much as you can as it triggers back acne.
  • And, similar to facial acne, refrain from popping pimples. This cause cause more inflammation and quite potentially scarring.
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