Baby Acne Treatment

Is baby acne treatment necessary?

Baby or neonatal acne is a typical problem that starts after a baby is a few weeks old and it is perhaps induced by maternal hormones well before the baby was born.

Babies with baby acne usually get blackheads, pustules and whiteheads on their nose, cheeks, scalp and forehead. Their skin may also look red and rough.

Even though no therapy is generally needed, some skin care experts advocate that: if needed, the sores can possibly be managed successfully with topical tretinion and/or benzoyl peroxide. Because baby acne usually disappear without any treatment, you should speak to your Pediatrician prior to trying anything like benzoyl peroxide or Retin A (a topical tretinion medicine).

baby acne treatment
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  • Remember that baby acne might not disappear by itself for a number of months and occasionally not until a baby is six months old.
  • Also bear in mind that basic things that parents do, such as intense rinsing and scrubbing and using creams and other moisturizers and lotions, can easily make baby acne worse.
  •  Since it seems worse than it makes your baby feel, it is most likely better to simply leave it alone and know that it will gradually disappear.
  •  Mild cleansing with water alone, or a mild soap, is generally the most ideal 'treatment' until your baby's acne disappears.

Baby acne treatments and drugs

Since baby acne usually vanishes by itself just within several months, no medical therapy is generally advised. If your baby's acne remains for much longer, your baby's specialist may suggest a medicated cream or other remedy.

Don't attempt any OTC medications without consulting your baby's specialist first. A number of such products can be harming to a baby's delicate skin.

Home remedies and Lifestyle

The following tips are helpful for managing your baby's skin when they get acne:

  • Maintain your baby's face clean. Wash your baby's face everyday with warm water as well as mild baby soap.
  • Dry your baby's face carefully. Basically pat your baby's skin dry.
  • Do not squeeze or scrub the acne. You can trigger more inflammation or an infection.
  • Avoid using oils or lotions on your baby's face.

Baby Acne Treatment Tips

It is necessary to be aware of that baby acne is absolutely natural and will normally disappear by itself just after a few weeks or months. The acne is also not harmful; there is absolutely no need to worry. In case if you feel the need to treat your baby's acne, you can take moves by employing cleansing methods. Listed below are some tips:

  • Use very mild soap, if possible baby soap. Gently clean your baby's skin in the morning and prior to bed
  • Do not scrub your baby's skin when cleaning, this may trigger further inflammation and more acne (and keep in mind, acne is not triggered by dirt, therefore scrubbing will not help!).
  • Always 'pat dry' using a soft towel-- do not rub dry.
  • Do not use OTC acne medication on your baby.
  • Do not use oils or reams on the baby's skin particularly to manage baby acne.
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