Acne Treatment for Men - Treating Acne In Adult Men

8 Facts You Should Know About Dealing with Acne In Adult Men - acne treatment for men

  • Have not outgrown your teen acne? Or probably your acne made a return (or perhaps a 1st appearance) in your adult years? 
  • You usually aren't the only one coping with this skin issue. Adult acne in males is frustrating, tough, but not unusual. 

Listed below are 8 points you should know to effectively manage adult acne in men.

1. Adults Get Acne, Too

Teenagers aren't the only ones that have acne. Numbers of individuals get acne long after the highschool years end. 

  • Several men get the acne they had at the time of their teen years do not actually disappears, and persists right into their adult years. However, in some cases acne can show up for the very first time post-adolescence.

  • Acne affects both genders equally throughout teenhood, however, men often have longer lasting acne than women. And unfortunately, men are most likely to have more severe acne too. Fortunately, acne can possibly be managed efficiently, even in adults.

2. Understand Exactly what Triggers Acne and What Doesn't

  • In your teen years, you may have been informed that eating a fast foods, such as pizza, triggered acne. We understand a lot more regarding acne development now that most of your old thinking might not be true any longer.

  • Exactly why is it necessary to know what triggers acne? Because it will help you manage it right, and get more appropriate end results from your therapies.

3. Beware When You Shave

  • Acne can make shaving challenging (and in some cases painful.) Take more care when shaving. Do not shave the tops of acnes off, if you can help it. And try to shave very carefully over acne blemishes. 

  • When your razor blade is irritating your skin, try an electric razor to see if that helps. If you have more severe inflammatory acne, or if shaving by itself appears to actually irritate your acne, you may need to try out a beard trimmer. This will trim the hair short but not entirely remove it, and it can save your skin from irritation.

4. Bigger Pores Can Improve

  • Numbers of men see that large pores are as irritating as pimples. Large pores, also known as follicular prominence, are typical among peoples with oily skin.
  • There actually aren't any skin care products that can entirely get rid of large pores, however, you can help those pores appear smaller. Over the counter products are able to give you some progress. Some prescription treatments, such as topical retinoid, are also helpful for large pores and manage acne simultaneously.

5. You Have a Remedy

Certainly there are several acne therapy available today for everyone.

  • You maybe able to get some improvement with an OTC product, when your acne is mild. More persistent acne will respond much better to prescription drugs. Isotretinoin could be an alternative for you, too. You may know this drug by the brand name Accutane. When used correctly, this drug can improve severe cases of acne, even acne that hasn't already improved with other acne treatment for men.

6. Body Acne Can possibly be Managed, Too

  • Probably you have acne on areas aside from your face. Numbers of individuals do have. Body and back acne can be managed as well. 
  • You can purchase body cleans made exclusively for body outbreaks at your local drug mart. The highly efficient will consist of benzoyl peroxide. 
  • However if Over The Counter products do not work, prescription medicines are needed. Since it might be actually hard and messy to smear a cream over your own back, an oral acne medicine may be prescribed.

7. Be Patient; Acne Requires time to Cure

  • Keep in mind, acne therapies take some time to work. Don't discouraged and certainly do not quit too quickly. 

  • It can take up to 3 or 4 months just before you actually observe a change in your skin. Stick to a treatment plan approximately that long. 
  • And expect to still have some new acnes, or even a breakout, over the first weeks of treatment. This does not imply your acne treatment for men isn't going to work. Give it a few time, yet ask your dermatologist if you have any questions.

8. Do not Let Acne Drag You Down - Acne treatment for men fact # 8

Even though it may be difficult to accept, acne can influence your self-esteem. It can make you feel upset, nervous, depressed. Do not be too tough on yourself; you're not being shallow or vain. Numbers of individuals feel like this. If you seem like acne is disturbing your life for the worst, and you can not seem to get past it, speak to your physician.

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