Facts Everyone Should Know About Cortisone For Acne

Cortisone for acne

Everyone who has struggled with acne understands how psychologically hurting. This time the majority of us have come to notice, acne is not a problem that disappears after our teenage years.

If you tried many acne treatment methods and are not successful in getting rid of it, you may consider trying cortisone injections. It is often promoted as the fastest method to disappear cystic acne. Although the injections have shown to be a miracle cure for many, they have drawbacks.

How Cortisone for acne Injections Work?

Cortisone is a type of treatment that decreases inflammation of acne. Inflammation is accountable for redness, swelling and pain related to acne cysts. Cortisone injection avoids such symptoms. It's not an antibiotic treatment and hence does not kill bacteria. Therefore, all other medicines prescribed for acne must be continued.

Cortisone Will not Work on Typical Pimples

The intention of the cortisone is to reduce the swollen wall of the cyst, however it has no impact on the pus. If cortisone is injected on a cyst with pus, the pus dilutes the cortisone and it does not work. This injection is meant for individuals with acne cysts, usually a quarter of an inch or larger in size. It is used for the most severe cystic acne only and can possibly be applied on the face, back and chest.

Fast Results

Cortisone injections are the fastest approach in order to make acne vanish. Acne cysts virtually diminish in just four to eight hours following injection and continue to improve over the next several days. Pain and swelling of cyst will improve, too. Within 24 hours, the cyst that was swollen, tender and red will be smoothed, barely red and thus much less visible. Unlike many other treatments, cortisone injection itself doesn't make the acne look worse well before it gets better.

Cortisone is a Steroid

Although cortisone is a steroid, you will not see the adverse effects you usually hear about when taking oral steroids. The volume injected is too small and doesn't get absorbed into the blood stream, but instead remains in the skin. Cortisone for acne will not cause hypertension, diabetes or bloating, which are general issues for those taking oral steroids.".

Side Effects of cortisone


In some cases following the cortisone fixes the cyst, you may be left with a depression in your skin, but both the cortisone injections and untreated cysts are able to bring depressions. The depression from cortisone often have a curved, gently sloping border and usually resolves automatically within six months. The depression from a persistent untreated cyst often be more angular in shape and contour and is long-lasting.


Cortisone injections are minimally painful and very tolerable. The injection employs a micro fine needle and every shot takes just one second to carry out. There is no bruising or bleeding following the procedure. If a painful cyst rush you to the dermatologist's office, cortisone is the quickest way to bring your swelling down and relieve this problem in just an hour of injection.".

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