Corticosteroid injections

Although the technical name for this method is Corticosteroid injections, peoples call them cortisone injection, cyst injections or steroid shots. Cortisone is a hormone produced as a results of inflammation. This hormone is injected straight in to the inflamed area of nodules or cysts in order to facilitate the healing processes of acne lesion. Usually the procedure is conducted in your dermatologist office.

  • Cortisone decrease inflammation too quickly, mostly within a week following treatment. It also minimises the likelihood of developing acne scarring. Majority of dermatologists do not prescribe cortisone for mild forms of pimples.
  • Usually cortisone injection is used for the treatment of nodular and cystic acne that are resistant to other forms of acne medication.  The treatment can be painful if the cyst is susceptible to touch. Under such circumstance, anesthetic can be used in order to minimise the pain.

Side effects of Corticosteroid injections

Since cortisone shots are usually carry out using needles,  that are hardly visible when placed in the skin. Nevertheless, it is commonly not more painful than the pain related with the cyst itself. The followings are some of the common side effects associated with cortisone-injection:

  • A temporary groove in the area of the injection (atrophy).
  • hypopigmentation or discoloration of the skin at the injected area.
  • Permanent pitting of the skin.
  • Occurrence of bacterial infection
  • Bleeding from damaged blood vessels in the skin
  • Post injection flare.
  • Soreness at the injection site.
  • Weakening of tendons.
  • Sweating and insomnia - This is uncommon side effects.


  • Minimise localized inflammation
  • The rapid start of the medication's action
  • Minimal side effects.

Corticosteroids can prevent the activation and recruitment of immune cells in order to stop the process of inflammation. After the treatment, cysts and nodules will disappear within short period of time. Although it takes a few weeks for acne to completely disappear, most patients see results within days after treatment.

Cortisone is not anti pain, but they reduce inflammation. When it is done properly, they are effective and safe method of acne control. Unlike systemic drugs, cortisone doesn't cause significant internal problem since it is injected locally.

How cortisone administered?

  • The area is anesthetized by ethyl chloride.
  • The needle then is inserted into the skin and the solution is ejected.
  • The needle then is withdrawn.
  • A sterile bandage is used to clean the surface.


Pregnant woman and diabetic patients should explain their condition to the dermatologist before beginning the treatment.

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