Acne heat Treatment

Could heat/light treatment be the perfect solution for your acne?

Acne heat treatment works by exposing your skin to different types of pulsing light that attack the acne causing bacteria from the deeper layer of skin.

In this procedure, when light is applied on the surface of the skin it creates heat that goes deep in to the skin. The heat created as  a result of the light therapy kills the bacteria that cause inflammation and acne flare-up.  The combined effects of light and heat reduce the size of oil gland that secrete oil, as a result, oil production is reduced.

  • In light therapy, there are two different types of light that can be used - blue and red light. Blue light has frequency that can go deep into the skin compared to red light. Even though blue light is commonly used methods, both  appears to be effective.
  • In order to get the full benefit of heat therapy, your dermatologist may use medication to make your skin more sensitive to light. Heat treatment is not a onetime procedure, therefore, a number of sessions are necessary.  It may last for about a month, however, result can be seen within two weeks.

Is there any side effects?

There is no established research regarding the side effects of this method. However, it has been linked to a few drawbacks. Some of the side effects includes pain, soreness, redness, discoloration and hair loss. In some cases, when the patient fells pain during the procedure, anesthetic can be used.


Like any other treatment methods, there are some precautions that has to be taken before and after acne heat treatment.

  • keep away from the sun as much as possible prior to your appointment.
  • Since tanning also can interfere with light therapy, avoid it before your appointment
  • You have to avoid direct sun exposure even after light therapy.
  • If you have some pain, use numbing cream to avoid any pain due to the procedure.

Acne heat treatment handheld devices

  • Currently, there are a number of heat treatment devices that are available for home use. However, they are not effective in treating sever forms of acne such as whiteheads.
  • Most handheld home devices are battery operated and do not reach on temperature range that can destroy bacteria. However, such devices have the capacity to force the bacteria to shrink and retreat from the treatment  area. Depending on the maximum temperature reached, a treatment may lasts from few seconds to few minutes.

If you want to know more about the available home devices, click the link below........................

Infrared LED Light Therapy Skin Care Device - For Acne, anti-aging, wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks. FDA approved
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