Acne During Pregnancy

Why Do I Have Acne During Pregnancy?

Acne at the time of pregnancy isn't as strange as you might just assume. As you've learnt, pregnancy does not usually give your skin glow. Enormous shifts are happening inside your body. And in some cases such changes show on the skin.

Pregnancy can induce acne or make already existing acne more severe. on the contrary, certain females with acne-prone skin report a reduction in outbreaks at the time of pregnancy, so you never know.

Higher levels of hormones referred to as androgens are at least to some extent to blame for pregnancy outbreaks since they are able to trigger the oil glands in your skin to get larger and increase manufacturing of an oily material called sebum.

This additional sebum, mixed with the shed skin cells that edge your hair follicles, obstructs your pores, building a condition in which bacteria can quickly reproduce. All this could gradually result in the inflammation and skin outbreaks of acne.

Acne in the course of pregnancy can possibly be mild, moderate, or even severe, and it can easily develop any time at the time the pregnancy. It might come and go, or it may last the rest ofthe pregnancy.

Breakout of acne during pregnancy and hormone

Hormones are responsible for your acne breakouts. During pregnancy, hormones are able to vary significantly. Excessive levels of androgen hormones can induce oil production, that is exactly why your skin can be seeming like an oil greasy at this time. And excessive oil equals much more blackheads and outbreaks.

  • This does not indicate every pregnant woman is going to fight acne breakouts. Luckier ones can find already existing acne removing up, or will have that pregnancy "glow." Some other will discover no noticeable change in the skin, good or bad.
  • Acne is likely to develop over the first trimester, even though it can show up any time while pregnant. A few identify the outbreaks subside following birth, however, acne can remain even following delivery.

Furthermore, other skin changes can happen at the time of pregnancy such as the dreaded stretch mark and melasma.


  • Acne is able to be treated during pregnancy, however, care must be taken any time you are going for treatments. Some acne medicines (such as Accutane) must not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding moms.
  • Even some topical medications must be avoided during pregnancy. Be sure you consult your physician prior to using any acne treatment product, including over the counter.
  • Definitely, you may want to wait up until after the baby's birth in order to treat your acne. However, if acne is just far too much of a trouble for you, talk to your physician that can help you formulate an acne treatment strategy that is both helpful for you and safe for your baby.
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