Pyoderma faciale

Pyoderma faciale is an unusual skin condition occurring in young adult women. It is also called "rosacea fulminan". It can resemble severe acne or rosacea but do not have comedones. It is characterized by the presence of severe, sudden onset acne-like cysts, nodules, and pustules, which are painful and disfiguring.

  • Outbreaks of rosacea fulminant would put any acne flare-up to shame. These breakouts consist of larger nodules and cysts which are surrounded by patches of inflamed skin. They are dispersed in sizable numbers across parts of the face in most cases and are very noticeable. In many cases, these nodules are full of pus and touching them can cause severe pain.


There is currently no known cause of  pyoderma or rosacea fulminans. Extensive testing can prove no relationship between bacterial or viral infection and pyoderma- faciale. There have been suggestions that it could result from female hormonal fluctuations or even too much B12 vitamin consumption, but these theories have not been proved.

  • Research about the causes of rosacea are ongoing, however, findings suggest there may be environmental and genetic elements that contribute to faciale development. Individuals with fair complexions and familial history of  faciale are considered at greatest risk for becoming symptomatic.


Unlike acne, pyoderma faciale:

  • Starts abruptly
  • Rarely persists more than a year or so
  • Is not associated with oily skin
  • Does not arise from comedones
  • Is confined to the face
  • Does not affect males

Compared with rosacea, P. faciale:

  • Affects younger women
  • Is not associated with flushing
  • Does not affect eyes

Treatment of pyoderma faciale

  • Rosacea fulminans is a severe skin condition that causes pain, inflammation, disfiguring lesions, and emotional damage. Since the cause of this severe skin condition is unknown, it is difficult to formulate a treatment plan.  However, it can be treated with certain medications, such as steroid injections and isotretinoin. On average, an individual  require treatment for a minimal for 4-6 months and additional therapy is required based on the response.
  • The best treatment for this acne is to wash the area affected twice a day and keep the oils off the face. In some women, hormonal therapy may sometimes be effective. However, when the cysts are large and contain fluid or pus, surgical drainage may help. Often the entire cyst is removed.
  • Prognosis is good for p. faciale sufferers, as long as they get prompt medical attention.
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