Green Tea for Acne

The use of green tea for acne is not a new practiced, but most people used green tea for many purposes beside skin care. The extract from green tea is known to be very useful for the skin.

Green tea helps to eliminate toxins from the body and recent studies have revealed that green tea is equally as effective if not even more effective than benzoyl peroxide when dealing with acne.

Green Tea Active Ingredients

Some research study reports the healing qualities of green tea can be associated with chemicals known as polyphenols, that is an umbrella term to illustrate substances called catechins.

Green tea consists of six active substances. Each of those substance are known for their high anti-oxidant concentration. Those Antioxidants get rid of toxic free radicals, that are uneven atoms. Free radicals are known to induce cell destruction, and if left unchecked may cause major health problems.

Why is Green Tea An Excellent Remedy for Acne?

Green tea has antibacterial and antioxidant features that fight against acne in a number of ways. 

  • For instance, it provides an immediate relaxing feeling to irritated, sensitive skin and can minimize inflammation and the redness that follows acne outbreaks. 
  • Green tea is also known to assist improve the most discouraging of all, hormonal imbalances that cause adult hormonal acne each month.

Green tea for acne scars

Among the major drawbacks of acne is skin inflammation, and this particular inflammation may lead to sores that turn into scars. The most potent chemical compounds found in green tea, is efficient at minimizing skin inflammation.

  • The internal usage and topical application of green tea may help in reducing acne-induced inflammation, that might help get rid of the development of scars by decreasing the seriousness of acne sores. Even though the advantages of green tea particularly for the removal of acne scars is under controversy within the scientific community, the "Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology" documents that the active substances in green tea have medicinal advantages for skin health and skin cell repair.

The best ways to Apply Green Tea for Acne

Green tea is said to perform best as a home remedy for acne when we used to drink it.

Furthermore you can also use green tea extract. This is offered in a number of forms. For instance you are able to use it topically using a lotion or cream and it can also be taken in the form of tablets or pill.

  • Similarly, just putting a warm tea bag on acne sores helps give immediate soothing results, helps extract toxins and enhances faster recovery.
  • If you decide to drink the tea, avoid having sugar with it since that will neutralize the useful impact of the green tea. Also remember to get optimal outcomes, the more you drink, the better.
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