Do Accutane and Depression are Associated?

Accutane and Depression

In this article I will discuss the side-effects of one of the very effective acne medication, Accutane. Now a days every one understands the side effects of taking some medication beside their efficiency in treating illness. Obviously, everyone want all drugs  and treatment solutions to be both effective and safe.

Harmful side-effects of Accutane and depression

The question regarding the harmful side-effects of Accutane and depression stays unclear. People may hear stories from colleagues concerning terrible side-effects, however, medical professionals are usually reluctant to talk about essential facts about some of the medicines they recommend and do not clarify potential side-effects.

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Generally there is no good reason for them not to do so. Many medical professionals have explained that they feel that if they discuss side-effects, the person will undoubtedly encounter them. This is false belief, not fact. Research in fact reveals that individuals who've been provided an appropriate explanation of advantages and risks, are absolutely no more likely to encounter side-effects-- and if they do, they're most likely to stay on the medication and benefit from it.

Could Accutane cause depression and suicide?

Since Accutane was initially introduced in The U.S.A. in 1982, there have been repeated reports of severe complications such as congenital disorder, suicidal depression, and intestinal disorders.

Skin specialists had been pleased to have a solution that could deliver remarkable progress in persistent severe acne that was not responding to regular treatment methods. Certainly, in most cases the condition was referred to as cured, an unusual result in medicine.

Persistent facial scarring and disfigurement

Over the past Thirty Years, thousands of individuals throughout the world have complained of severe side-effects as a results of accutane use.

Accutane is only expected to be applied in severe nodular acne when there are large, very painful red lumps on the skin, possibly triggering long-term facial scarring and disfigurement, that can cause psychological distress and serious anxiety.

Birth defects and digestive disorders

Accutane can also cause harmful birth defects when used by pregnant women. Great care should be taken by the physician so as to make sure that the woman is not pregnant, and possibly using effective contraceptive methods to prevent pregnancy during the course of treatment.

Investigators have shown that Accutane users have also a greater incidence of numerous digestive disorders and inflammatory colon disease. Increased cholesterol levels and liver toxicity have also been reported.

Currently there have been a wide range of reports of severe depression related to Accutane usage. However, it is essential to keep in mind that things may be related in the way that they often occur together, in the absence of one really inducing the other. Whether or not Accutane actually causes depression is not still clear.

In Conclusions

Therefore, how should we handle the question regarding whether and how to use Accutane? As I discover it, there is inadequate convincing proof to assume a high risk of depression or suicide, but also not enough proof of safety to allow us to believe that there is absolutely no risk. The risk may not be the same for everyone, and the extreme depression and suicidal mentioned with Accutane use might be a high risk for a handful of people we cannot distinguish ahead, and a considerably low or no risk for many others.

As a safety measure that would certainly be wise for the drug to be prescribed only by specialists like dermatologists following screening for existing depression, and getting a psychiatric assessment where this occurs. It needs to be used for absolutely severe cases and not be applied for mild acne.

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