The punch techniques - Punch Excision, Punch Elevation and Punch Grafting

Punch Elevation, Punch Grafting and Punch Excision are the three major punch techniques that are generally used for the treatment of severe acne scars such as ice pick scars. The approach entails the absolute physical removal of the damaged tissues consisting of the scar.

The way the punch methods work

A smaller punch device, that is often referred to as a small, round cookie cutter, is applied to rip the scar from the skin. Following the scar is trimmed, the skin is stitch . A little scar arising from the procedure might be left, however, it is usually less noticeable compared to the initial one. The new scar is able to grow fainter with time, or be further quickly vanished using resurfacing methods including microdermabrasion or laser treatment.

Punch Excision

A punch excisions are carried out by means of a punch biopsy equipment that can vary in size depending on the dimensions of the treatment spot, usually between 1.5 mm and 3.5 mm. Local anesthesia is applied with the spot and the equipment is used to get rid of the scar together with its adjacent edges. The scar already is removed and the skin can possibly be stitch together and heals. The scar developed from procedure often fades following the procedure.

  • Deep pits scars and ice pick scars are best addressed using the excision procedure of scar elimination. It is one of the most standard scar extraction method applied for several kinds of acne scars. Every scar is managed separately to enhance the looks of depressed acne scars.
  • You should understand that the treatment leaves behind a tiny and much lighter acne scar in contrast to the initial one. Just in case you are not pleased with the procedure and need that scar to disappear, you can choose laser resurfacing that could diminish that small scar.


There are no specified problems associated with punch excision acne scar clearing technique. Only when you believe that you do not need the lighter resulting scar then you are able to get a different therapy that could address the issue absolutely.

Punch grafting

Punch excision can easily also be implemented with the addition of a skin graft in place of a suture. The scar is removed using a punch biopsy technique and as opposed to stitch the opening, the physician can fill it using a skin graft of the person's own skin.

Punch replacement method

This method is the same as punch excision. Nonetheless, as opposed to stitch the skin covering the scar with an equipment, the spot is stuffeded with a skin graft, normally taken from back of the ear.

This procedure is believed to be among the most effective, for managing deep scars. Unfortunately, punch surgical procedure can take several weeks to recover.

Punch Elevation

Punch elevation is used mainly on deeper boxcar scars. The concept is to get rid of the scar using the same excision approach where a biopsy equipment removes the scar, however, rather than stitch or graft the damage, the scar tissue will be elevated and reattached. This decreases the depth of the scar and minimizes the chance of discoloration resulting from several skin being grafted as a substitute.

Right after the procedure ends, the skin looks even. The pitted or scar marked appearance is significantly decreased. Even though this particular procedure might leave behind a scar, it is much smaller compared to the initial one, and can possibly be further addressed using methods such as chemical peels and dermabrasion. This strategy is highly suited for deeper scars such as the boxcar scars.

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