2 Things You Should Know Before Popping pimples

Popping Pimples

Acne appear at the worst times and when they do, you have a hopeless drive to burst them out. You wish to squeeze them out and simultaneously you do not want to leave any spot behind. But, is popping a pimple actually the most ideal method to having remarkable skin?

Why "popping pimples" is not recommended by doctors?

Acne or pimple is a thin sack that holds oil, debris and bacteria that cause. If you rupture the pimple, you definitely will push the debris and microorganisms to go deeper into your skin. Likewise, the debris that gets out of the gunk will splash and force itself into other pores, resulting in more acne. On top of that, you may add more germs from your finger into the pimple. This can easily lead to the zit getting red, inflamed, swollen and infected. This may induce long-term scarring.

Based on the above information, the final thought is that the acne or pimple should be allowed to finish its lifespan. When the pimple is let alone, it will heal by itself within 3 to 7 days, however; if the pimple is popped out incorrectly, it may stay for weeks and may also result in scarring.

How do estheticians and dermatologists pop Acne?

In most cases when it is done properly, it is possible to carry out pooping acne. Usually skin care specialist and estheticians are experts at popping pimples safely. They use gloves and prick the pimple with a sterilized needle right before getting rid of the contents with a tool called a comedone extractor.

Thus, popping a zit is best to be left for the advantage. However, if you should do it, there is a correct way where that is expected to be performed.

The Correct Way to pop Acne

  • Don't squeeze the pimple prematurely. Wait till it has a white head, i.e. the pus is close to the surface of the skin.
  • Clean your hands completely with warm water, finger nail brush and detergent.
  • Sterilize a pin using a lighter or match. Allow the pin cool and wipe it down with the use of alcohol.
  • Wipe the acne using alcohol and put some on your fingers too.
  • Dry your fingers and cover them correctly in a clean tissue.
  • Place the pin in such a way that it is alongside the surface of the skin. Then, carefully puncture the tip of the white center of the zit.
  • Through a cotton swab, gently squeeze the zit by pushing around the tip of the zit. If the pus doesn't come down with a gentle push, the zit is not yet ready to be popped. Therefore, pause trying to get the zit out and wait up until it is ready to be popped.
  • Regardless of whether the zit open out with the pus or not, use some alcohol to the deflated acne. This will help prevent further breakouts by inhibiting bacterial contact.

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